Artists present their contributions to the Building Community Resilience exhibition

| January 18, 2023 | Leave a Comment

Deep Transformation Network – Artists and Creatives Group,
hosted by Christina Conklin and Michele Guieu

Tuesday, January 24, 2023.
12:00 pm  to 1:15 pm PST – Online
THE LINK TO THE EVENT IS HERE. You will access the zoom link. 

Artists who will present and discuss their contributions to the exhibition: Yvonne Espinoza, Ries Faison, Quin de la Mer, Nancy D. Lane, Rosalind Lowry, Meredith Nemirov, Susan Smith, Kim Tanzer, Eileen Wold, and Gordon Wood.

Building community resilience is essential in the deep transformation we must engage in. The current What’s Next for Earth exhibition addresses that theme. Based on the lesson “Six Foundations to Build Community Resilience” from the Think Resilience course by Post Carbon Institute, the exhibition is a fantastic ensemble of responses that enlights and brings an emotional aspect to a concept that is not easy to grasp.
“The six foundations necessary for community resilience-building efforts to be successful are: people, systems thinking, adaptability, transformability, sustainability, and courage.”

Join us! 

Art on the banner
Top – from left to right:

Eileen Wold, Kim Tanzer, Nancy D. Lane, Meredith Nemirov, Ries Faison
Bottom – from left to right:
Quin de la Mer, Yvonne C. Espinoza, Susan Smith, Rosalind Lowry, Gordon Wood. 

If you want to learn more about What’s Next for Earth, please visit and whatsnextforearth on Instagram.

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