Video Recording: Artists Presentation: “Community Resilience and Social Justice, Equity, Ownership”

Michele Guieu | July 26, 2023 | Leave a Comment


Deep Transformation Network
Artists and Creatives Group
hosted by Michele Guieu

Tuesday, August 8, 2023.
12:00 pm  to 1:15 pm PACIFIC time – Online
THE LINK TO THE EVENT IS HERE. It is your access to the zoom link. 

The event will showcase the remarkable contributions of artists participating in the current What’s Next for Earth exhibition, Community Resilience and Social Justice, Equity, Ownership, which draws inspiration from Richard Heinberg’s Think Resilience online course.

With artists [as seen on the banner, from left to right]: Marie Cameron, Dorothy Ries Faison, Diane Farris, Hillary Johnson, Jacqui Jones, Meredith Nemirov, Peggy Rose, Susan Smith, and Kim Tanzer.     

Artists play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions, initiating meaningful dialogue, and igniting positive change. The selected theme, “Community Resilience and Social Justice / Equity / Ownership,” delves into the profound impact of systemic inequality on the sustainability and resilience of our entire society.

During this online meeting, artists will have a platform to present their powerful artworks and engage in discussions about how art can effectively address these critical issues. We will delve into the transformative potential of cooperative business ownership and the expansion of commons resources, empowering communities to thrive collectively.

Artistic voices have the power to inspire transformative conversations and pave the way for a more just and resilient future for all.

What’s Next for Earth is dedicated to addressing the most pressing challenges confronting our society today, with a focus on nurturing resilience and promoting social justice.

Be a part of the conversation on Tuesday, August 1st! You can visit the What’s Next for Earth project website here to learn more.

If you want to learn more about What’s Next for Earth, please visit and whatsnextforearth on Instagram.

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