Artists’ Presentation: Meeting Essential Community Needs

Michele Guieu | February 6, 2024 | Leave a Comment

Deep Transformation Network – Artists and Creatives Group
hosted by Christina Conklin, Michele Guieu, and Christopher Losa

Meeting Essential Community Needs – Artists’ Presentation  – Tuesday, February 27 2024.
12:00 pm  to 1:30 pm PACIFIC time – Online
THE LINK TO THE EVENT IS HERE. It is your access to the zoom link. 

Join us for an interactive presentation and discussion featuring eight artists contributing to the “Meeting Essential Community Needs” exhibition based on the Think Resilience course by Post Carbon Institute.

With artists:
Ember de Boer
Dorothy Ries Faison
Diane Farris
Celia Kettle
Nancy Lane
Meredith Nemirov
Peggy Rose
Susan Smith

“Building community resilience ultimately has to come to grips with the infrastructure that enables any community to function. This lesson looks at food, water, energy, and money systems, and how these can be made more resilient. If any one of these essentials goes haywire, a community loses its support capacity very quickly.”
– Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute

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