WEAD Art + Education Series: Down to Earth with Michele Guieu

| November 17, 2022 | Leave a Comment

This is about the work I have been doing with young students (K-12) in public schools in the Bay Area, primarily in underserved communities. I am talking about Science + Art projects that help the students make some essential connections about what is unfolding in our rapidly changing world and reconnect with reality at a moment when most people in the global north live in civilization resembling a decor that hides the Earth’s physicality.

WEAD [Women Eco-Artists Dialog] is an international group of artists focused on ecology and social justice.

Recording of the event


Michele Guieu is an interdisciplinary ecoartist and teaching artist living in the Bay Area, California. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She is an art educator at Alliance for Youth Achievement (AYA) in San Jose, California. Through the foundation, she received grants from the California Arts Council for educational art projects. 

She is the Art director at the MAHB, and the founder of What’s Next for Earth, an ongoing art project supported by the MAHB.
She co-hosts with artist and author Christina Conklin the Artists and Creative group on the Deep Transformation Network

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