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COVID-19 Crisis Webinar with Nafeez Ahmed, April 1st

The Omega Collaborative invites all MAHB members to join a webinar with Dr. Nafeez Ahmed on Wednesday […]

Coronavirus: Facts and Fears

  Joined by health experts, Dr. Anna Harte (Medical Director of University Health Services), Dr. Nicholas Jewell (Professor of Biostatistics at […]

March MAHB Conversation

The MAHB will be hosting its next  MAHB Conversation on Friday March 27th 11:30am-12:30pm pacific time. Join us […]

To Be or Not To Be

Peter Goin

This blog is part of  the Environmental Impact II series produced by David Wagner. To be, or not to […]

Flagship Species Help Conserve All Biodiversity

Andy Beattie, Jennifer McGowan

One of the most successful ways of raising funds for conservation is to focus public and corporate […]

Car Culture and Climate Change: Systemic and Personal Solutions

Kirkland, Giles

Despite the nay-saying overtures of several international politicians, climate change is real, and it is an immediate […]

Population, Energy, and Viability: Connecting the Dots

Everyone knows that if you have a little mass and a little energy, that with a little […]

The Illusion of Saving the World

Kirkpatrick Sale

Last month, as you probably know by now, an extraordinary hoopla event descended on Manhattan in the […]

Exploring Overpopulation Fiction with O.M. Faure

O.M. Faure

O.M. Faure is the author of The Beautiful Ones, a trilogy that tackles the topic of overpopulation […]

Certain technologies are an existential threat. Is Technology itself an existential threat?

Randy Hayes

“We need to see that our human technologies are coherent with earth technologies so that they protect […]

Minibus Port Harcourt 2001 a by Danny McL | Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Where Next?

Malcolm Potts

It is more important now than ever to talk about population. What will we do if we […]

The Top 5 Green Electronic Initiatives Out There

Harry Conley

Electronics are turning green all over the markets.  They’re a popular consumer option because they’re more efficient […]

Environmental Art

Santora, Carol

There are all sorts of issues related to human abuse of the earth. Most important to me […]

Illustration by Albert Dorne

We Need to Talk!

Join the Post Carbon Institute in their upcoming webinar, We Need to Talk! Thursday October 10th 11am […]

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Free Webinar: The role of indigenous communities in reducing climate change through sustainable land use practices

The climate crisis demands urgent action, yet we live in a politically polarized and paralyzed world. As […]

Myopia, GDP and other fertility drugs of the 21st Century

It is more important now than ever to talk about population. What will we do if we […]

What’s your favorite collapse movie? The MAHB wants your feedback!

What is your favorite collapse movie? Post-apocalypse..dystopian.. environmental…What films in these genres have resonated with you or […]


Wagner, David

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II is a traveling museum exhibition, the purpose of which is 1.) to recognize, document, […]

Mentally Ill America

Paul R. Ehrlich

This was originally published as a MAHB Blog in June, 2014.  Well, America has had one more […]

Conflict, Culture, Technology and Democracy Webinar

Ashok Panikkar

The Demo Sapiens Webinar is designed to help participants place the current global crisis of democracy within the larger […]

The night sky and other lost places: Teaching sustainability and lifting fresh voices | MAHB Newsletter, June 2019

Life on Earth is largely organized by the rhythm of light and darkness. For billions of years, […]

Resources of the Spirit in the Race Against Climate Change

Wendy Petersen Boring

What resources will we need to face the climate to come? In this interview, four climate activists […]

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Blue Oceans Green Seas: The 1% Solutions, Part II

Boudreau, Thomas

INTRODUCTION: GREENING THE OCEANS An earlier article argued that the “Iron Hypothesis” consisting of the appropriate Iron […]

Summary of Part II of the Silver Gun Hypothesis: The Entropy of Carbon

Delton Chen

Introduction Part I – Carbon is King Summary of Part II — The Entropy of Carbon Welcome to […]

When policymakers ignore science, children pay the price

Richard Jackson

It’s time to reject the myth that pouring harmful chemicals and particles into our air won’t destroy […]