Death of Mother Earth

J A Livingston | July 16, 2019 | Leave a Comment Download as PDF

A burning earth

Mother Earth cries in pain,
what do my children,
have to gain?
The Great Creator shakes his head,
he knows all too well,
the children of Mother Earth,
soon will be dead,
Air temperatures on a rise,
Mother Earth’s children,
act surprised,
there is no relief,
from the heat,
that her children try to seek.
Air no longer,
pure and clear,
pollutes the lungs,
of children near,
soon to die,
their lungs so filled,
of coal dust,
man has drilled.
The earth begins to shake,
so much damage done,
drilling causing scary quakes,
man knows he is the one.
Ocean’s temperatures,
on a rise,
creating great storms,
what a surprise.
Oceans rise in disbelief,
glaciers melt at record speeds,
water running to the coast,
look, there is no relief.
Monsoons raging on the coast,
million-dollar storms,
moving sand around the post,
this is the new norm.
Houses damaged by high water,
it’s hell along the coast,
Mother Earth is getting hotter,
this storm will cost the most.
So much damage left behind,
in the storm’s wake,
people standing in a line,
what will it take?
People on their knees will pray,
asking Mother Earth which way,
you have lead yourself astray,
Mother Earth is heard to say.
Mother Earth in all sincere,
your punishment,
I will deliver,
your games of this day,
I do not play,
my words will make you quiver.
In time I will decide,
your punishment,
that I will provide,
my decision will be clear,
this punishment you should fear.
Mother Earth,
her story told,
blessed by the Creator,
she is so bold.
So much work has been done,
what a gorgeous sight,
in restoring earth’s beauty,
stars twinkling in the night,
for Mother Earth this has been fun,
looking on the work she has done.
Earth is back in shape,
a wonder to admire,
man has disappeared,
Mother Earth’s desire.

Mr. Livingston is Métis of the Indigenous People of Canada. Born in the States, but being of an Indigenous background, he is concerned for Mother Earth and her children. He wrote this poem in 2016.


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