Death of Mother Earth

J A Livingston | July 16, 2019 | Leave a Comment Download as PDF

A burning earth

Mother Earth cries in pain,
what do my children,
have to gain?
The Great Creator shakes his head,
he knows all too well,
the children of Mother Earth,
soon will be dead,
Air temperatures on a rise,
Mother Earth’s children,
act surprised,
there is no relief,
from the heat,
that her children try to seek.
Air no longer,
pure and clear,
pollutes the lungs,
of children near,
soon to die,
their lungs so filled,
of coal dust,
man has drilled.
The earth begins to shake,
so much damage done,
drilling causing scary quakes,
man knows he is the one.
Ocean’s temperatures,
on a rise,
creating great storms,
what a surprise.
Oceans rise in disbelief,
glaciers melt at record speeds,
water running to the coast,
look, there is no relief.
Monsoons raging on the coast,
million-dollar storms,
moving sand around the post,
this is the new norm.
Houses damaged by high water,
it’s hell along the coast,
Mother Earth is getting hotter,
this storm will cost the most.
So much damage left behind,
in the storm’s wake,
people standing in a line,
what will it take?
People on their knees will pray,
asking Mother Earth which way,
you have lead yourself astray,
Mother Earth is heard to say.
Mother Earth in all sincere,
your punishment,
I will deliver,
your games of this day,
I do not play,
my words will make you quiver.
In time I will decide,
your punishment,
that I will provide,
my decision will be clear,
this punishment you should fear.
Mother Earth,
her story told,
blessed by the Creator,
she is so bold.
So much work has been done,
what a gorgeous sight,
in restoring earth’s beauty,
stars twinkling in the night,
for Mother Earth this has been fun,
looking on the work she has done.
Earth is back in shape,
a wonder to admire,
man has disappeared,
Mother Earth’s desire.

Mr. Livingston is Métis of the Indigenous People of Canada. Born in the States, but being of an Indigenous background, he is concerned for Mother Earth and her children. He wrote this poem in 2016.


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  • Steven Earl Salmony

    Dear Arnold,

    As a way of enhancing your most meaningful perspective, perhaps we could say that we are witnesses to, as well as dealers of, the death of a “Mothering” Earth. All in the human community are implicated in this biospheric catastrophe, but some are more responsible for it than others. Let us consider an example.

    If we are proceeding along the track of whatsoever is somehow right/real, then the failure of top-rank professionals with appropriate expertise in the worldwide scientific community to widely share and consensually validate the best available research of human population dynamics will be the greatest academic scandal of Century 21. Scientists will have failed science and humanity by willfully denying on our watch the heretofore unfalsified ecological science regarding the root cause of skyrocketing absolute global human population numbers: a primary precipitant of global ecological problems looming ominously before the family of humanity.

    If the dominant leaders in the human community (i.e., the alchemists of Wall Street, the captains of industry, the emerging fascists and their minions, the little kings, the masters of the universe), all go on sidestepping global ecological problems while continuing to ignore the root cause of these problems (i.e., ever increasing the food supply for human consumption), then all of us will effectively be choosing to keep doing what we are doing now and to keep getting what we are getting now. Because the current colossal scale and anticipated growth of the seemingly endless expansion of industrial food production and distribution capabilities is patently unsustainable on a planet with size, composition and ecology of Earth, we can expect a human-driven global ecological wreckage of some unimaginable sort in the lifetime of billions of people alive today.

    Sincerely yours,


  • Greeley Miklashek

    Mother Earth, Her long established population regulation mechanisms well known,
    Now limits the heart of Her problem as population ceases to grow with a groan,,
    And the “diseases of civilization” increasingly humans like blades of grass mown,
    Our fellows cry out, “Had we only known!”,
    But we knew deep down that too many seeds had we sown,

    Mother Earth, Her long established population regulation mechanisms known,
    And yet we cry, “We were shown but could only in disbelief moan”,
    And now we are destined to watch our seed die before it has grown,
    Or in the sea to drown,
    Or in cages to be thrown,
    And yet we cry, “Had we only Known!”

    Mother Earth can only smile that subtle “I told you so.”
    But, now it’s time for your species to go,
    So that all the other life forms can grow,
    Too bad you humans demanded so much more than your share,
    For now you all must go and I don’t care.

    Stress R Us

  • trilemmaman

    Earth is not endangered. We are. There have been at least 5 mass extinctions over the last few hundred million years. Each time earth’s biofilm has bounced back. The only question is …will human’s survive this extinction we are bringing on.

    • We are knocking down political, economic, social and ecological guardrails of human well being, environmental health and the integrity of Earth’s body daily. Democracy is being deconstructed, science denied, Earth’s frangible environs irreversibly degraded and its finite resources irretrievably dissipated. Earth is being relentlessly ravaged and recklessly polluted by distinctly human overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities.

  • A painful story of how a creature of Mother Earth can destabilize, degrade and devour the very source of its existence, thereby producing the conditions for its own demise.

    • Mike Hanauer

      And, much of humanity would deny this, or deny that overpop is an important factor.

      • trilemmaman

        You really gotta give this one up! High birth rates are a symptom of global injustice…not careless uncaring people. Environmental destruction is a result of abusive consumption. For data to disrupt your biased view:

        • Arnold Byron

          I read your link. Nothing is said abut nature. All of the insects that are needed to pollinate so that we can have food to eat; the fish in the oceans, rivers and lakes that humans like to catch; the birds of the air with their beautiful songs, even the birds that humans like to hunt; the squirrels that run from tree to tree in the back yard; the deer; the elk; the wolves and coyotes; the big cats and elephants of Africa and Asia are all to be eliminated so that humans do not have to take on the challenge of reducing the population. You say that environmental destruction is a result of abusive consumption. I say that abusive consumption is a result of overpopulation.

          • trilemmaman

            Arnold. I agree with EVERYTHING you said until you got to ‘overpopulation’. Please do some deep thinking this. Because those who have excessive births are the poorest people who only want to consume to stay alive. It is all of us rich folk in sparsely populated nations that trash our environment at 20 to 200 times the rate of poor people. Thus, your assertion that over pop leads to abusive consumption is false. And it is the lack of compassion and empathy of us rich consuming nations that is the ultimate cause of excessive births driven by high IMR, lack of education, and gainful employment. And all that wonderful nature we both love will go extinct when the Sun turns into a red giant. Humans (so far) are the only chance of saving earth’s natural bounty…or the nature of the sun will inevitability destroy it all. Ignorance and apathy about human suffering, suggested in your opinion are the primary cause of humans destroying ourselves in a nuclear, biological or AI driven Armageddon. The only comprehensive solution at this time is funding and achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Just doing one, two or three of them WONT save us. What are YOU doing to promote this holistic agenda to save nature and humanity? Both of which are essential.

          • Arnold Byron

            You ask:What are YOU doing to promote this holistic agenda to save nature and humanity? I have worked out a scheme that, if accepted, will set the stage to allow decisions to be made and actual work to be done to solve this existential humanitarian crisis. I have been promoting this scheme in the pages of this MAHB blogsite. I have sent this scheme to politicians and to universities to no avail.

            This scheme which I call A Plan for the Nations will require that the nations of the world act together to establish a global office for the purpose of solving the crises of overpopulation, global warming, and the hazards of atomic energy and plastics degradation. Please note that my idea of a global office does not have anything to do with kings or dictatorships or corporate fascism. I think I have figured out the many safeguards that are necessary to prevent a sociopathic takeover.

            Suffice it to say, at this time, that my idea for a global office will depend on it being accepted by the colleges and universities worldwide. That the colleges and universities, which are the repositories of the intellect and creativity of humanity, step up and join together as an association. The idea is that an association of colleges and universities can begin developing a plan that will enable the nations of the world to join together as an association and so that an association of nations, with the help of the association of colleges and universities can devise a workable global office.

            Here are links to my PLAN FOR THE NATIONS. This is what I have been doing: trying to give my plan to the world. I think it will work.