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Weaving the vibrant twin strands of analog and digital worlds we can bring healing to the great rift between humanity and our sustaining home planet — merging ages-old indigenous knowledge and earthly sensibility with the modern advanced tools of boldly dreaming bioneers and billionaires — to catalyze a globally restorative regenerative culture and economy. Our wake-up story!

Robert Downey Jr. shares his ‘wake-up story’ on the re:MARS stage in Las Vegas in 2019

Humanity stands on the precipice — an epic reflection point in our journey as a species. Below us lies the wreckage of collapsed civilizations and the dusty bones of species who no longer walk this earth or share our kingdom. Billionaire space pioneers can you read me?



First Earth, Mars can wait.

Our current path takes us over this cliff to collapse and ruin. Without a momentous course change humanity perishes, perhaps with the planet too, turning the 6th mass extinction to the last. However, with clear vision we can see the critical path to redemption and regeneration before us.

Planetary Bounderies,, SWEDEN

It’s time our imagination soars to new heights alongside the synergy of logic and science to create a different narrative for ourselves and our Earthly home. We must break from of our current path; from the bleak forced reductionism of our oligarchic, technocratic and blinding efficiency, and from the death throes of a destructive extractive economy, and set out to create the tools necessary to soar over the precipice of this peril to the promise of a thriving wholly restored planet…



One such revolutionary tool, with the power to reveal this new transformative narrative and catalyze a global renaissance is a new field of inquiry I’m calling REGENERATIVE AI — a radically different course and elevated purpose for AI that merges the analog of the Earth’s verdant, fecund life force with the ethical use of digital tools to understand and enhance this force — to ultimately create a breakthrough guiding form of applied natural intelligence.


Anatomy of an AI System: The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources [by Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler, 2018]

This fresh, new global campaign will tell the triumphant and transforming stories, across the globe, of this diverse and catalyzing REGENERATIVE CULTURE and the tools and new math we might discover and employ to benefit a regenerative earth, and a new humanity — a bold new narrative.


This expedition is dedicated to ALL indigenous cultures and peoples, those who’ve come before us and those who’ll follow, and especially those this very moment applying their wisdom and know-how to care for 80% of Earth’s remaining biodiversity on lands they steward; but also to the new generation of bioneers across the globe who have taken up the mantle of regeneration.

It’s also dedicated to all those who have inspired my faith in God and humanity despite the trauma and travails of a falling world. Finally it’s dedicated to my family: including the wild yet intimate kin of the ocean, sky and forest here in my new home, but most especially to my wife and newborn son, who every day show me the redeeming power and love of the Spirit within to raise that world up again. I invite you to join in and follow us on this journey!




Kyle F. Hence describes himself as a perennial catalyst, bioneer, advocate, sailor and writer dedicated to the boldest of visions, dreams & natural intelligence inspired commonsense solutions.

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