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18 June 2018. HotSpots H2O, June 18: Yemen’s Water Supply Jeopardized Again in Battle for Hodeidah – Circle of Blue: The Rundown The Saudi-led Arab alliance is attempting to seize Yemen’s main port city, Hodeidah. The city is controlled by Iran-backed Houthi

18 June 2018. Rising sea temperatures threaten survival of juvenile albatross – EurekAlert: (British Ecological Society) Changes in sea surface temperature affect the survival of albatross during their first year at sea, resulting in a

18 June 2018. The Moral Arguments for Basic Income – Market Mad House – Medium – Medium: The moral arguments for basic income are actually fairly easy to identify and make. Intriguingly, these arguments successfully refute many of the

18 June 2018. How to Advance the Monitoring of Climate Risk Insurance – New Security Beat: This article by Nikolas Scherer originally appeared on Climate Diplomacy.One of the most recent and promising tools to cope with the consequences

18 June 2018. Money for old socks: John Lewis to buy back clothes to cut waste – Guardian: Retailer offers incentive to send back worn and unwanted items instead of binning themJohn Lewis is to buy back worn and unwanted

18 June 2018. Flooding from sea level rise threatens over 300,000 US coastal homes – study – Guardian: Climate change study predicts ‘staggering impact’ of swelling oceans on coastal communities within next 30 yearsSea level rise driven by climate change

18 June 2018. Volvo sets goal of 25 percent recycled plastics in cars from 2025 – Reuters: At least 25 percent of the plastics used in new Volvo car models from 2025 will be from recycled materials, the Chinese-owned

18 June 2018. EPA sending more than $2M to Maine for brownfields cleanup – Myrtle Beach Online: industrial areas that have become polluted. Brownfields clean-ups are intended to awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and total $2

18 June 2018. Here Are the Environmental Regulations the EPA Is Rolling Back Next – Care2: EPA: destroying commonsense regulations that help to keep Americans and the environment For years, water pollution safeguards only applied EPA will raise

18 June 2018. Trump Picks Economic Winners, Guided by Nostalgia – New York Times: of cheap natural gas from hydraulic fracturing. Wind and solar power, while

18 June 2018. Hopes grow as agriculture sector gains from initiative – The Phnom Penh Post: vegetable farming that followed good agriculture practices (GAP) standards focusing on zucchini. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), one of the

18 June 2018. Rules for storing agricultural fuel oil: What all farmers need to know – Farmers Guardian: you both: build a new agricultural fuel oil store or make over 1,500 litres of agricultural fuel oil on your farm

18 June 2018. EDITORIAL: With hurricanes, water is the new wind - Opinion – Star News Online: We find ourselves in another hurricane season, and Pender County is preparing.Are you? Are we all?Pender just paid $18,000 to install a

18 June 2018. Drought funds flow to $30m for Farm Household Allowance – The Land: adapt to the impacts of global warming. In May Agriculture Minister Mr

18 June 2018. Mount Everest, the high-altitude garbage dump – Daily Sabah: . Meanwhile, melting glaciers caused by global warming are exposing trash that has

18 June 2018. For Kolkata’s star rickshawala, it’s business as usual: ‘I like my life’ – Indian Express: learning and educating people on global warming. He scours newspapers, social media

18 June 2018. Ex-CIA head compares US immigration policy to Nazi Germany – New York Post: A former CIA director compared US immigration policy to Nazi Germany in an ominous Tweet.“Other governments have separated mothers and children,” Former

18 June 2018. Puerto Ricans don't trust official information on Hurricane Maria – The Conversation: A survey shows that most Puerto Ricans didn't highly rate the official information coming out of the island. With the Institute of

18 June 2018. How recycling more steel and aluminum could slash imports without a trade war – PBS: The U.S. could slash imports of these metals not by imposing duties but by boosting the reuse and recycling of old metal

18 June 2018. Report: Rising sea will flood $645 million worth of N.H. property – Concord Monitor: claims the latest report trying to quantify the effect of climate change on the nation’s coasts. By 2045, about 2,000 New Hampshire

18 June 2018. Agriculture can deliver 30% of climate solutions by 2030, says WWF – Energy Live News: That’s according to a new WWF-led initiative, which suggests the industry plays a key role in climate action – both in avoiding

18 June 2018. Make your home more sustainable – Shepp News: Greater Shepparton City Council is running Smarter Living Workshops, offering free, expert advice on a variety of topics regarding sustainability

18 June 2018. In-School Productivity Campaign | NGO productivity – A must for sustainability – Jamaica Gleaner: The Jamaica Productivity Centre's recently held Productivity Forum was a gentle reminder that productivity in the NGO sector is a must. As

18 June 2018. Enbridge pipeline debate goes to decisionmakers – Star Tribune: ... 2016 protests over the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota, which centered on American Indian water rights and climate change

18 June 2018. He returned from Singapore to realise his dream back home – Outlook: Green fodder, wheat and vegetables are also grown at his farm using organic farming methods. It uses the cow manure to produce

18 June 2018. ACB chief pushes for marine biodiversity protection, conservation in Southeast Asia – Business Mirror: The Asean Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) is pushing for collective efforts in protecting and conserving Southeast Asia's marine resources

18 June 2018. LA a Leader in Water Management? – Urban Milwaukee: LA potentially a surprising leader in water management: In a city that used to see stormwater and flash floods as a problem

18 June 2018. This pioneering Vietnamese show is performed entirely on water – CNN: Staged entirely on water, the open-air performance provides a broad overview of village life, from folklore to music, poetry, water puppetry, Buddhism

18 June 2018. Eco-friendly modern cloth nappies an environmental winner in Cairns Business Excellence Awards – Cairns Post: Eco-friendly modern cloth nappies an environmental winner in Cairns ... Ann Granger received the Sustainability/Environment Excellence Award in the

18 June 2018. Looking for signs of global warming? – Durango Herald: David Inouye is an accidental climate scientist. More than 40 years ago, the University of Maryland biologist started studying when