Population Matters!

A feed from http://www.population-matters.org/  of recent columns by Dr. Richard Grossman first published in the Durango (Colorado) Herald.  

Republishing of the articles is encouraged with the request that they remain intact and are attributed to the author and initial publication in the Durango Herald.  Questions can be directed to richard@population-matters.org.

15 July 2018. Plan for a Healthy Baby – There are several actions that a couple can do to have a healthy baby, but what a child needs most is two loving parents.

29 May 2018. Recognize Family Planning as a Human Right – Family planning has been a "human right" for 50 years--but unfortunately that right isn't observed everywhere. Iran is one country where it is observed--because it is a theocracy.

29 April 2018. Meet Three Endangered Animals – Ajo Middle School Citizen Scientists  NPS photo I learned about two sea creatures while vacationing this spring near Puerto Peñasco in Mexico. By coincidence, we were close to the home of these two endangered animals, at the north end of the Sea of Cortez. The totoaba is a large fish that only lives in a […]

21 March 2018. End Gun Violence – “…I call on President Trump and the Republican controlled House and Senate and Executive Branch to work together, get some bills passed and stop taking money from the NRA because children are dying and so is the future of America as a result.” David Hogg, survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month […]

2 March 2018. We Have ALL Lost –   Back in January, 2008 the Durango (Colorado) Herald published a unique challenge: “I offer a public wager of $5,000 that the Earth will be cooler in 10 years.” Dr. Roger Cohen, a physicist, proposed this wager. I responded, and our bet started the next month. Cohen’s rules were reasonable, however, I am a Quaker. […]

26 February 2018. A Debate about the Future of Human Population – David Lam is a Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan and Director of the Institute of Social Research. He is highly respected and widely published in the field of demography. His elected positions include being past president of the Population Association of America and being elected to the Council of the International Union […]

28 January 2018. Don’t Control Population this Way – There are many bad ways to reduce human population--genocide is one of the worst.

24 December 2017. Reduce Barriers to Family Planning – There have been some favorable actions that reduce barriers to family planning

26 November 2017. Heed this Warning – We would be wise, for our progeny's sake, to heed the "World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity"

14 November 2017. Essay distributed to two large groups of experts – I am happy that an essay I wrote was distributed by the IUSSP (International Union for the Scientific Study of Population). It was then picked up and redistributed to the PERN (Population-Environment Research Network). Through the miracle of digital communications several thousand people have been able to read this–without a single piece of paper being […]