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A feed from Possible Planet, which is pursuing a big and bold idea: Let’s build the world we know is possible, rather than trying to fix the one we’ve inherited.


30 May 2018. New Jersey PACE Bill Moves Forward — Cautiously – Update:The new Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation — Senate Bill S1611— has been approved unanimously by the Senate Environment & Energy Committee, and is now moving to the Senate  Appropriations Committee, which may recommend some technical changes. Based on Senator Bob Smith’s comments, the sponsors (which include Republican Senator Kip Bateman) hope to see the […]

22 February 2018. This Saturday at Cooper Union: Voices of the Millennial Generation on Climate Change – This Saturday, February 24, 2018 we’re participating in a panel discussion on Mitigation and emerging solutions for addressing the climate change issue, along with a number of other speakers. The event is from 1 to 6 p.m. in the Great Hall at Cooper Union (30 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003), with limited seating, so […]

20 December 2017. C-PACE Coming to New Jersey in 2018 – (Originally published at www.NewJerseyPACE.org December 13, 2017): New Jersey is about to experience a surge of new clean energy projects, unleashing a considerable amount of additional private financing for energy efficiency and renewables. Amendments to NJ’s existing PACE law are being passed in the NJ Legislature this month. Governor Christie has the opportunity to sign […]

27 September 2017. The Business Case for Fighting Climate Change – The (New) Business Case for Fighting Climate Change   Someone should let Donald Trump know: there’s more money to be made fixing the world’s problems than preserving the status quo. (And if they turn out not to be problems after all? Boy, we sure invested a lot and made some pretty decent money before we […]

4 September 2017. “An idea whose time has come” – Part of our core mission is making “restoring the Earth through rebuilding community” an idea whose time has come. This mission has an important precedent. In 1977, Werner Erhard started The Hunger Project, with the goal of making the end of hunger by the end of the century “an idea whose time has come” (Victor […]

3 August 2017. Possibilities and Solutions

23 July 2017. Losing Biodiversity Faster than We Realize – We recently discovered Call of Life, the 2010 documentary on species extinction, and thought it would be useful to see where we are today, Unfortunately, the situation is worse than we had imagined, and is continuing to worsen still. Calling it a “biological annihilation,” the authors of a recent peer-reviewed study write, “humanity needs to […]

16 July 2017. Restoring the Commons – A large part of our work is concerned with restoring the commons—including the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that gives us food and life—and the rebalancing of the climate and the biosphere. This is the source of all wealth, yet we don’t ordinarily pay people to contribute to its integrity or […]

18 June 2017. Welcome to a New Future! – The opportunity today is to envision a completely new future for the world. The climate crisis — arguably the greatest challenge that humanity has faced, at least since the invention of the atom bomb — also creates the necessity for a genuine transformation of human life on the planet. A major difference from the nuclear […]