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A feed of articles from, part of Post Carbon Institute’s Resilience program dedicated to building resilient communities as we transition away from fossil fuels.


22 June 2018. Scotland Promotes Local, Shared Ownership of Renewable Energy Infrastructure

In 2011, the Scottish government established the policy goal to dramatically reduce its reliance on nonrenewable energy sources. In 2015, the 500 MW target of local renewable energy capacity was achieved. This target may not have been ambitious, but the support base is there to greatly exceed it.

22 June 2018. Claims Against Meat Fail to Consider Bigger Picture Free range cows

I can see big advantages, both environmental and ethical in reducing the production and consumption of grain-fed meat, be it chicken, pork or beef. But there is an overwhelmingly important case why we should continue to produce and eat meat from animals predominantly reared on grass, especially when it is species-rich and not fertilised with nitrogen out of a bag.

22 June 2018. Democracy Now Interview Rev. William Barber, Co-Chair of the Poor Peoples’ Campaign Poor People's March in 1968

The release of the U.N. report on extreme poverty in the United States comes amid a nationwide, weeks-long direct action campaign known as the new Poor People’s Campaign, aimed at fighting poverty and racism in the United States.

22 June 2018. Remembering Grenfell: Who Are Our Cities For? Grenfell Tower Tribute Wall

This is not the previous generation’s gentrification.  The housing crisis in many of our urban areas is not the result of normal real estate market forces. Local gentrification cycles have been “supercharged” by the fact that many cities are now a global destination to park investment capital.

22 June 2018. What Science Fiction Ought to Be The Road film image

If you think there is hope for a decent future — and I do — then make that future come alive for your family and friends. I ask only two things: that it shows a realistic future, and that it be fun.

22 June 2018. Trump Takes Italy by Storm: the Rise of Matteo Salvini and of the Italian Right Matteo Salvini

With enormous changes going on worldwide, with the ecosystem collapsing, with natural resources dwindling, with the human population still expanding, we may be rather facing a Seneca Collapse that will make short work of the European nation-states, just as the current crisis is destroying the American Empire. 

21 June 2018. In-Depth: BP’s Global Data for 2017 Shows Record Highs for Coal and Renewables

Carbon Brief runs through the 2018 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, which, for the first time, covers all sources of electricity and the key materials needed for electric vehicles.

21 June 2018. The Tales of History are a Dead-End Road

Culture is what people do. It decays when people stop culturing. Changing a culture means changing what we do. Often, that will need a step by step transition as we negotiate obstacles.

21 June 2018. Southeast Asia’s Vanishing Sand Bans are Destroying the Region

A recent review of Malaysia’s “stone, sand and gravel” exports to Singapore and Singapore’s purchases of those resources over two decades suggests that Mahathir’s sand ban, initiated to protect a fragile Malaysian environment, was seemingly ignored, including by his own government.

21 June 2018. Hedgespoken, ‘a Vehicle for the Imagination’ Hedgespoken

What are the unhealthy stories that we tell now? The story of unlimited growth.  The story that we are separate.  Any number of stories about who we are and our place in the world, and what it means to be alive. 

21 June 2018. Reflections on the First Ecosocialist International First Ecosocialist International

The diverse founders of the First Ecosocialist International explicitly adopted a pluricosmovisionary perspective which establishes the conuco, or small farm, as the base unit for an emergent, future society founded upon the recovery of historical memory, territorial organization by bio-region, the rights of Mother Earth, the decolonization of the mind, and the reconfiguration of indigenous nations.