Ideas for Action

Benefits of Quasi-Immortality

We could move 1 billion quasi-immortal-humans (q-i-h) to live on the moon to do manufacturing using materials that another 1 billion q-i-h fabricated from raw materials that are mined by another 1 billion q-i-h that are mining those natural resources from asteroids, moons, and other planets, etc.

After several years of spiritually, socially, economically, and ergonomically successful experiences, natural organic humans working together with q-i-h humans, will accept that the organic years of their organic life is just another period like was being a baby, toddler, kid, and adolescence were. And near end of Earthling Organic Time evolving into the Quasi-Immortal Time is just as natural.

The earth is going to run out of helium in just a few years… this is a disaster that can/should be avoided by diligent efforts to get quasi-immortality working ASAP. Helium is critical to many machines and processes especially in Human Health Care.