Ideas for Action

Catalyse mass commitment to transformational change

Hi everybody,
Please work with me on this one.

Greta Thunberg will have realistic hope when she sees that mainstream society is devoted to turning things around.
I am committed to making this happen.

However, no one person can have much influence on mainstream consciousness on her or his own. Nor can any one organisation, not even MAHB.

However, the good news is that there are millions of groups that care about environmental and social well-being. True, mostly they push their own wheelbarrow, competing for public attention and sometimes for funds.

Let’s mobilise the members of as many groups as possible to act as citizen-educators communicating about the systemic changes necessary to turn things around… in the context of aiming to actually evolve a culture that is sustainable.
This is not just a wishful call. I have spent a decade developing the communication tools and building the networks to make this happen (including trying a few things didn’t work). The platform is

Our approach is not based on messages, but on helping people think better.

Our next milestone is the Great Transition Splash. It will be during the second week of September. The idea is to have as many voices as possible simultaneously communicating the goal of transitioning to a life-affirming culture, and explaining what’s involved. This is Marketing 101: Get your brand (or meme) seen everywhere.

The goal of transitioning to a life affirming culture stands in contrast to our predominant goal of economic growth. But it encompasses much more, including non-abusive childrearing, population reduction, moving away from industrial agriculture, and greatly improved industrial design, including renewable energy. We are talking about a whole system change based on life -sustaining values.

Why ‘citizen-educators’? The combined personal networks of the people that care about environmental and social well-being are massive, and reach into every level of society. If a significant portion of us begin to act as citizen-educators, we can bypass the manipulated media, and catalyse the thinking that is necessary to inspire mainstream commitment to turning things around.

I invite (indeed implore) you to lend your influence to making the Great Transition Splash massive in September. You can do this by:
• Sending emails to your personal networks during the Splash.
• Encouraging networks you are part of embrace the goal of transitioning to a life-affirming culture, and to invite their members to act as citizen educators.

The website has sample emails, guerrilla marketing tactics, and Kitchen Table Conversations, a tool for helping people think the whole thing through.

If you choose to act on this you will be good company. Colleagues include MAHB folks, the vision coordinator for Extinction Rebellion, GetUp! (the largest activist group in Australia), and other colleagues in England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, India, Thailand, Canada, the United States, and across Australia.

I’m happy to talk!

Andrew Gaines
Great Transition Initiative
Accelerating the transition to a life-affirming culture

Document: Catalysing-mass-commitment-to-transformational-change.pdf