Ideas for Action

come up with a specific scenario

This may not be called an idea for action, but I don’t know anywhere else to express it. I have asked about 50
educated people this question: You have heard that we have 12 years, or 20 years or another number of years to fix the climate change problem. What exactly do you see happening after that time if it isn’t fixed. Few people, even pro envirenmentalists, can respond. In order to get more people on board with the seriousness of the situation, I think we must develop likely concrete repercussions to present to the public…. I don’t know what they are but I am appealing to the MAHB community to help. I know there will not be people being woke in the middle of the night yelling Run, the ocean is coming – it will drown us all. There will not be thousands of people a day dying of thirst and heat in the streets. The climate change will slowly rot the economy. Today US farmers are selling off their cattle early, not raising them to maturity because the drought has killed their grass. The people dependent on the water from the Colorado and other rivers will see their local economies crash. The US electric grid may fail because of huge increase in electric cars, computers,and air conditions. I feel silly trying to convey this because I am far from an expert. But it seems clear that the earth just cannot reach 10 billion people projected for 2050 proceeding like we are………. I believe we are in for a terrible time. As dr Ehrlich said in the Guardian interview, that a collapse of civilization is a near certainty. It seems that way to me. I have 2 sons and I hope and I hope to hell we am wrong…. So my idea for action is to develop a scenario of likely economic catasrophies that the educated public can visualize and understand . Respectfully, Ray Tuttle