Ideas for Action

Create a U.S. Department of Ecosystems

After seeing that New Zealanders have respectfully granted the Whanganui River self-protective rights, I’m wondering why we don’t have a U.S. Department of Ecosystems.   

My preference is for a U.S. Department of Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Or would a Biodiversity and Ecosystems Act be more efficient and effective?

Seems to me neither the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, nor National Park Service is effectively protecting ecosystems.  They may be doing the best federal-level job, but they are primarily focused on human interests.  

So, I’m sincerely asking you and others who care, what this idea might look like? Does it sound constructive?

To help support my wish that Nature be given a voice more people might hear, I’m also asking PBS, BBC, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc each to hire what I’ll suggest be a Biodiversity and Ecosystems Correspondent.

We will all be better served if quality news outlets would better represent nature and complex ecological systems, educating all of us on how they function, and what they need to stay resilient.  Most people (voters…) have no idea that we are ultimately dependent on nature staying healthy.

I’m always puzzled that so few people understand that nature is the bottom line, not economics. 

I have found similar work here:


Sincerely, Katy Belt