Ideas for Action

Healing the planet

The planet is wounded not dying, this is an import distinction as an idea. Despite the impacts society causes we will not send life extinct, and after the collapse of Western society (globalised around the world now) life will recover and evolve and renew the world. So the key idea is to act to heal the world, and to convert collapse into transformation rather than disaster (for both the human and nonhuman worlds). The key aspect here is to break the denial dam that we have no problems, or that we can grow our way out of our problems. We cannot as the mantra of endless growth is the CAUSE of our problems, especially now that we have way exceeded ecological limits. Given that an ecologically sustainable population for the world is no more than 1-2 billion, we have to discuss the taboo of overpopulation, just as we need to degrow to a steady state economy. If we accept (not deny) we have problems then we have a chance of solving them, even now after three decades of inaction. Yet both the Right and the Left avoid discussion population and both continue to promote endless economic growth (mostly through the fiction of ‘absolute decoupling’). In terms of promoting healing and keeping as much live on Earth as we can, we must support the Nature Needs Half vision and reserve half of all lands for our nonhuman kin. Key amongst healing solutions is a change of worldview and ethics. We need to adopt ecocentrism and ecological ethics, so please sign the Statement of Commitment to Ecocentrism
For a detailed list of how to heal the environmental crisis, see my just-released book ‘What can I do to Help Heal the Environmental Crisis?’ from Routledge

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