Ideas for Action


Humans have discovered we are earthlings. Our organic bodies can only exist in a tiny range of conditions that (so far as we know) only exist on the earth. For some humans, it is a psychological mountain to have all of their body, except for a tiny part of their brain, replaced by synthetic (non-organic) materials as the only way for them to survive, travel, and thrive in celestial environments.
Human societies & Nations also have evolved to a stage where no one human or, even sets of humans working together, can comprehend, yet alone benefit from, the quantity of data (good & bad) that is flooding our senses & minds. Even if computer programs could contain, organize, utilize, and grasp & integrate the volumes of information… at some point humans will be overwhelmed.
Growing up on the earth is such a precious, sensuous, tender, thrilling, delicious, and fulfilling experience that we must clear the earth for the children: so here is at least one alternative that serves both the new and the old humans:
Quasi-Immortal-Humans (Q.i.H)… We have enough biophysics knowledge, engineering know-how, and wealth to make synthetic human bodies to contain, support, maintain, and nurture a nearly identical copy of each organic human person… and to hold the tiny organic biological Essence Self parts (spirit, history, values, skills, feelings, and memories, skills, etc.) of the Original Natural Human, fully integrated with the mechanical synthetic body parts. Q.i.H is a byproduct of my many years working to understand how human intelligence works (see attached .pdf).

Document: ASI-Solution.pdf