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Real Fix to Save the Earth Petition

To: World Leaders

In the last 70 years, we’ve thoughtlessly added 5 billion people to our planet. And 82 million again in 2019 even while The United Nations predicts we will have 11 billion humans on Earth by 2100.

Believe it or not, renowned scientists predict we have decades to address Climate Change. Melting Himalayan glaciers creating lack of fresh water along with rising sea levels will spur epoch migration by 2040. As seen, technology begets broader and deeper consumption not less – evidence plastics.

A billion use huge resources while two billion humans lack potable water and toilets. What if our goal was twofold, 1) leave fallow one half of Earth for nature and 2) raise all human quality of life to a U.S. quality of life where we live by 2100? We can make this happen voluntarily and painlessly by 2100.

To do this, we must return human population back to our 1950 level of 2.5 billion by giving free birth control to be used voluntarily by women and men of the world, empowering them to raise their living standards where they live. How do we get the message out? Please communicate your desire to fulfill this vision of saving nature and humanity to our world leaders by signing this petition now!

Can we volunteer to have families of two children or less? So we can give all nature (grandchildren of the world) a chance for a good life. We urge you to educate and make contraceptives freely available to all women and men in the world regardless of their religion or geography right away and to focus on achieving immediate FDA approval for QS chosen by 200,000 women in 50 countries as their method of permanent female contraception with no reported deaths or serious side effects.

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