Ideas for Action

World Online Free to all University/School

The way to encourage people to have smaller families, is to provide free education for everyone, boys, girls, men and women, wherever they are in the world. A world online education platform could be created, with online lessons and downloadable resources in all languages. All people would need, is the means to access the internet using mobile phone, Ipad, tablet, laptop etc. The idea is to provide the opportunity for improving everyone’s understanding of the sciences, humanities, Arts. We could change attitudes by teaching the virtues of morality with the Human Rights Act. Equality for women, will empower them to take up careers and have smaller families. Teach the scientific merits of veganism and how everyone can activity help to increase biodiversity. An online educational resource to explain exactly how dangerous anthropogenic global warming is now and increasingly so, in the future. If Population Matters, then lets help persuade everyone why we must act decisively immediately to save the planet, before it is too late.