Animation Short Film: Remember

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Date of Publication: February 28

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: Tokyo, Japan

Publisher: Earth Co-cree

Remembering a time when humans too were a part of nature and the Earth.

In this short animated film, we ask ourselves, what actions can we humans take right now?

The film has won awards at various international film festivals, including the Heart International Italian Film Festival and the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in the United States.

One day, a human opens a door to find it leads to a forest where various creatures sit in a meeting. The animals and trees happily discuss their glorious surroundings and the circle of life in which they all play an important role. Ashamed of the actions humans have taken to hurt these creatures, the human’s first instinct is to flee the scene. But the creatures encourage the human to take a seat. There is one empty chair, where the human used to sit. For the human, sitting back in the chair is the first step to remembering the past. And it is the beginning of a greater miracle.

The film is also available in Spanish, French, and other languages.

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A film for humans of all ages:

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