Ben Goulet-Scott – Empowering Others

| August 17, 2022 | Leave a Comment

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Author(s): Max Winpenny

I always imagined a conversation between a student of botany and a student of zoology would be filled with nerdy hatred. On the contrary, Ben Goulet-Scott had so many important beliefs and qualities that I think the world needs.

Ben is a young naturalist who has just defended his PhD at Harvard University. What makes Ben such an important voice is his empathetic and gentle approach to leadership. He is humble and has that remarkable quality of wanting to use his platform to give other people opportunities. Leadership qualities are often seen as aggressive and competitive. Ben is a breath of fresh air.

He believes deeply in being a steward of the natural world. Aside form his research on evolution and biodiversity, he has a number of creative projects like his education-focused social media handle @letsbotanize.

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