Brazilian national parks at risk

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Media Type: Article - Foundational

Date of Publication: February 28

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: Washington, DC

Publisher: AAAS

Author(s): Renata Ruaro, William Laurance, Roger Paulo Mormul

Journal: Science

Volume: 367:990

Categories: , , ,

Brazilian national parks could be seriously threatened if pending legislation [draft bills 984/2019 (1) and 61/2013 (2)] is approved. These two bills aim to change the federal law [9.985/2000 (3)] that created Brazil’s national system of conservation units and instead create a new category of conservation unit called “park-road.” Beyond this, the bills would reopen the Colono Road, an 18-km-long road closed more than 30 years ago that bisects the famed Iguaçu National Park (4) and Brazil’s largest remnant of the Atlantic Rainforest, a global biodiversity hotspot (5).

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