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| July 11, 2019 | Leave a Comment

Countries and regions by population density

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Worldometers is an incredible site which tracks many metrics, including this World Population Clock with many dimensions around world population. Chart the history of the world’s population, as well as diving into current figures and future estimates, to get a better sense of the Earth’s population.

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  • Arnold Byron

    I have a concern with the Growth Rate Chart. I am afraid it is deceptive to the casual viewer. The chart shows a declining growth rate from 2 percent in the 1960s to 1.7% in 2019. The line graph shows a line that is decreasing: correctly showing the decrease in the growth rate. But the reality is that the population is still increasing. The population will continue to be in growth mode until the growth rate reaches zero percent. The population will not reduce until the growth rate is negative zero percent.

    In my opinion, merely hoping that we will be able to feed over ten billion people every year until the sun goes nova or some other natural event ends life on earth is being silly. We are already in overshoot and must begin reducing the population. This means we must begin talking about a negative zero growth rate.

    • Dear Byron Arnold,

      I agree. Overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities by one species, H.sapiens, are overspreading the planet as well as threatening to overwhelm Earth’s capacity to sustain human life. These primary activities of humankind require individual human agents. That is why I focus on absolute global human population numbers. Seven million human beings on Earth do not present cause distress to the planet; however 7+ billion people in our time are causing an existential planetary emergency. Declining total fertility rates (TFRs) have been deployed particularly by demographers and economists in a manner that obscure rather than help to disclose these facts of human life. These pseudoscientists have been effectively confusing people and disguising scientific facts with ideologically-driven thought and theory. And to top all that off, these professionals have claimed the imprimatur of science to make their specious cases…… without proper objections being raised by the community of scientists. After all, economists are awarded the Nobel Prize and demographers have their International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP). These circumstances are outrageous and call out for corrective action because the situation is potentially ruinous. The best available science regarding the human population and its patently unsustainable growth ‘trajectory’ need to be widely shared, consensually validated and acted upon wisely.

      All the best,

      Steve Salmony