Climate science requires acceptance, not belief or full understanding

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Climate change is like gravity, only accessible to lay-people at the top levels

There’s a problematic question in journalism and science communication. Various people are asking journalists to stop asking politicians whether they “believe in climate change” and to start asking whether they understand it.

The problem is that outside of the odd politician who was actually a climate scientist, the vast majority of people can’t claim to understand climate change or global warming with any degree of sincerity or completeness. At best, the average layperson or even well-educated layperson will have a superficial understanding of anything beyond the basics.

Let’s take an analogy that might be useful. Do you understand gravity, or just believe in it? Let’s test this out.

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  • Greeley Miklashek

    Baloney! You drastically underestimate the intelligence of the average American with a HS education and a computer. All we need is a Google search to find climatological data aplenty. Anyone denying climate change and our human contribution is either lying, employed by the fossil fuel industry, or willfully ignorant. They are doubtless members of the Flatearthers as well. Your coastal elitism is showing. I’ve been a Midwesterner all my life and as a clinical psychiatrist for 42 years got to know 25,000 Midwesterners better than their spouses. They all understood global warming and climate change, I assure you. Folks don’t take this issue seriously because they don’t see a clear connection between their own day-to-day behavior and climate change. We just need to keep trying to help them see that connection and actions speak louder than words. Good luck with your well intentioned efforts. Stress R Us