What Collected Behavior Creates Sustainability

| June 3, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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Year of Publication: 2019

Author(s): Jack Alpert

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“Global Sustainability is determined by the collected behavior of 7 billion people. This behavior must be determined by anticipatory cognition” say author Jack Alpert.

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  • Steven Earl Salmony

    We possess unfalsified scientific research that indicates with remarkable simplicity and clarity that humans need to begin immediately to limit increases only in production of the total food supply for human consumption. Increasing food production to meet the needs of a growing is causing the human population explosion. Annual increases in the amount of food must be thoughtfully and systematically limited as the available food supply is redistributed. That every one receives substantial subsistence is the goal.
    Somehow I hope we can find a way to discuss openly what looks to me like “the last of the last taboos” regarding the human population. My abiding concern grows out of the realization that some humans could emerge out of “the bottleneck” which E.O. Wilson forecasts in the “Future of Life“, only to begin once again doing the very same things we are doing now, the things that have evidently precipitated the Global Predicament. There is a choice. Our descendants could choose either to grow food to meet the needs of a growing population or limit the unrestricted annual growth of the food supply for human consumption: thereby setting in place a regime for stabilizing the growth of absolute human population numbers. If we cannot accurately discern what is causing the recent human population explosion and act accordingly, I cannot see how our descendants are to avoid the same fate — extinction — that the general biological evolutionary process appears to hold in store for all species in the web of life. Can we find and then choose to follow a path forward that makes possible a viable and foreseeable, open ended future for H. sapiens?

    • Steven Earl Salmony

      Please note: what is being discussed is an effective redistribution of food resources that, if implemented correctly, would feed the human population and simultaneously stabilize absolute human population numbers. That is to say, limiting increases only in the total production of food for human consumption, when coupled with a sensible food redistribution program, will lead to population stabilization and starvation reduction.

  • Arnold Byron

    Mr. Alpert asks, “What collected behavior creates a sustainable civilization?” and “What role does cognition play in attaining that collection?” He ends his presentation with the following admonition, “Sustainability without injury requires anticipatory behavior that must produce population declines fast enough to prevent the scarcity/conflict death spiral.”

    Mr. Alpert’s fascinating presentation was thorough and explicit. I gave a heartfelt sigh when at the end of his presentation I could see where he was headed: population reduction – from seven and a half billion to fifty million; a ninety-nine and two-thirds percent reduction. I agree that we must reduce the population drastically and I also believe that it is possible to reduce the population by such an extreme amount and do so in way that is nonviolent, non-eugenic, fair, safe and humane.

    I notice that Mr. Alpert did not include information on how humanity will go about the process of reaching his goal of fifty million. I have laid out a plan to do just that. I believe that my plan – which I call, A Plan for the Nations—needs only the acceptance and promotion by highly placed, respected people throughout the globe.

    I would ask Mr. Alpert to take a look at my ideas and comment on what he sees. My ideas can be located at the following URL address: https://mahb.stanford.edu/?s=A+Plan+for+the+Nations.

  • Steven Earl Salmony

    Do Homo sapiens sapiens possess capabilities to understand our existential situation and to change actual behavior in ways that postpone, if not alter the trajectory of the ultimate course nature holds in store for mammals generally and other species?