Connecting exports of Brazilian soy to deforestation

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Date of Publication: December 7

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Stockholm Environment Institute

Trase has launched new supply chain, deforestation, and emissions data for Brazilian soy. The contributing SEI researchers are Trase Director Toby Gardner, Michael Lathuillière, Vivian Ribeiro, Clément Suavet, and Tomás Carvalho.

While the rate of deforestation and land conversion driven by the expansion of soy production in Brazil has slowed, the Amazon and Cerrado continue to be cleared despite zero-deforestation commitments made by soy traders, according to Trase data for 2019-2020. Land clearance in the Pampas grasslands is accelerating to meet the growing demand for soy, including from China.

Explore the new Brazil soy data here.

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