Artists and Creatives: EcoArt in Action! A Mini-Workshop with Beth Grossman

| May 13, 2022 | Leave a Comment

Deep Transformation Network – Artists and Creatives
Tuesday, May 17, 2022.
12:00 pm  to 1:15 pm PST – Online
The link to May 19, 2022 event is here.


EcoArtist and author, Beth Grossman, will share insights from her new book, EcoArt in Action, and then lead us in a mini-workshop to begin writing our own manifestos, which can serve as living documents for our cultural activism! A manifesto is a mission statement, a declaration of core values, and a call to action. It changes with time, experience, priorities and goals. Manifestos can take any creative form, such as, writing, poetry, scripts, songs, drawings, mapping, performance, ritual, etc.

Written in collaboration with 67 fellow activists, EcoArt in Action features Activities, Case Studies, and Provocations that are adaptable for use within a variety of classrooms, communities, and contexts. What ethical concerns do art-makers face who are committed to a deep green agenda? How can we refocus education to emphasize integrative thinking and inspire hope? What role might art play in actualizing environmental resilience? Join our workshop and conversation!

Beth Grossman’s website

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