“Exponential” Art installation, Desert Dairy Art Residency

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Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s): Michele Guieu

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‘Exponential’ Site-specific installation at Desert Dairy in Twentynine Palms, California.
Created between January 18 – January 25, 2020.
Materials: found objects on-site, twine.

I am very grateful to Anna Stump and Ted Meyer for the opportunity to be able to spend some time in such a special place.

I worked for a week on this installation in the Mojave desert, enjoying solitude and silence, waking up with the sun, working outside, with the changing light on the landscape around. The weather has been enjoyable. I spent time looking around and getting inspired by this beautiful place that was unfortunately used as a dump for some time after it stopped being a dairy farm. It has since been cleaned up, but there are still objects that are buried very close to the surface.

To create the installation, I chose a fragile decaying structure on the property. I started by cleaning up around and inside the structure. By doing this I found many plastic and metal objects (or pieces of objects). It was like doing some sort of archeology of the Anthropocene, a few miles away from the entrance of Joshua National Park. We do pay special attention to certain places and for the rest, there are not many rules and ecosystems are being damaged.
I used most of the objects and pieces of objects in the installation.

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