Genesis Butler – Acting on Beliefs

| October 26, 2022 | Leave a Comment

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Author(s): Max Winpenny

What would be your TedTalk topic of choice? It’s a great ice-breaker question, but I can’t imagine many 10 year-olds thinking about it. Well, when Genesis Butler was 10 years old, she didn’t even have to question that she was going to discuss healing the planet, when she did her own Ted Talk on climate change.

Starting off with an interest in animal rights, Genesis quickly realized that climate change was a major issue that had to be dealt with. She started with some humble social media postings with the aim of getting discussions among family and friends. That quickly turned into a big follower base, and the responsibility that came with reaching thousands of people with each post.

Genesis has gone on to do amazing things with her life already; She has spoken at global events, done a TedTalk, and nearly got the pope to go vegan! Genesis is an advocate for self-educating, veganism and being as proactive as possible with your beliefs. To me, amazing success can be any small goal achieved, and the reason Genesis is so successful in my eyes, is simply that she is acting on an important value. She’s a force, and may there be many more Genesis’ out there.

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