Hearing the Voiceless – Contribution to GTI Forum Solidarity with Animals

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Date of Publication: February

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: Cambridge, MA

Publisher: Tellus Institute

Author(s): Judith Lipton

First, thanks to Eileen Crist for a beautiful opening statement. Thanks as well to my fellow contributors. Of all of the discussions on the GTI, this has been the most profound, and I have learned a lot.

I suggest coupling our discussion with the recent article in Vox about the schism within the American Veterinary Medical Association about how best to cull (kill) animals in large numbers. Apparently, the AMVA condones VSD+, ventilation shutdown plus: sealing housing, reducing ventilation, and then turning up the temperature on captive critters. The animals die like a dog in a hot car. Tens of millions of fowl were killed this way after last year’s bird flu epidemic. The veterinary schism is between those vets who are trained and employed to help animals and those who are employed to manage livestock, the nearly 10 billion land animals held in confinement in the US every year.

Should veterinarians represent the interests of animals or of the humans who own and profit from them or of those who enjoy animal flesh and skin and fur?

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