The House of Owls

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Media Type: Book - Recent

Date of Publication: April 28, 2015

Year of Publication: 2015

Publication City: New Hanen, CT

Publisher: Yale University Press

Author(s): Tony Angell

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Tony Angell uses his considerable talents as an author, illustrator, and naturalist to captivate readers with the story of the screech owl family that created a home in his backyard. With a unique combination of biological overview, personal accounts, cultural history, and detailed illustrations, Angell shares what it means to share your world with these magnificent animals.

“A glorious example of science art is Tony Angell’s new book, The House of Owls(Yale Press, 2015).  You’ll appreciate the fine drawing, the rich descriptions of these fascinating animals, and their complex connections with Homo sapiens.  If you like owls, you’ll love this book.”  – Paul Ehrlich

The book can be purchased through the link above. Read a review from Mary Ann Gwinn in the Seattle Times.

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