How much is too much?

| April 26, 2024 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: April 4

Year of Publication: 2024

Publication City: March, UK

Publisher: Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment

Author(s): Chris Seekings

While there is no silver bullet for tackling climate change and social injustice, there is one controversial solution: the abolition of the super-rich.

Every year, Forbes publishes its latest ‘rich list’ celebrating the world’s wealthiest billionaires. While some might roll their eyes at the seemingly endless riches accumulated by these individuals, others are filled with admiration, inspired by their innovation and ingenuity.

Whatever your reaction, the implications always go something like this: the richest 1% own almost half of the world’s wealth, while the poorest half of the population own less than 1%, and the divide is growing.

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