The Great Simplification #64- Andrew Millison: “Geomorphology, Permaculture, and The Good Work”

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The Great Simplification

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Date of Publication: March 29

Year of Publication: 2023

Publisher: The Great Simplification

Author(s): Nate Hagens

In this episode, permaculture expert and educator Andrew Millison joins us to unpack how we can better design our societal infrastructure and agriculture to be more attuned to the water, solar, and “geomorphic” conditions of our surroundings.

When critical resources become scarce, it is more important than ever that communities learn to do more with less. By focusing on resiliency and stability through systems thinking, permaculture is a design system that does just that. In a world that often feels beyond our control, how can we use permaculture design to work with the land rather than against it, and regain agency in our local food, water, and social systems?

About Andrew Millison

Andrew Millison is an innovative educator, storyteller, and designer. He founded the Permaculture Design education program at Oregon State University (OSU) in 2009. At OSU Andrew serves as an Education Director and Senior Instructor who offers over 25 years of experience, and a playful approach to regenerative design. Andrew is also a documentary videographer who travels the world documenting epic permaculture projects in places such as India, Egypt, Mexico, Cuba, and throughout the US. You can view his videos and series on his YouTube channel.

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