The Great Simplification #44 – Arthur Berman: “The Devil is in the Diesel”

| November 13, 2022 | Leave a Comment

The Great Simplification

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Date of Publication: November 9

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: The Great Simplification

Author(s): Nate Hagens

In this episode, petroleum geologist Arthur Berman returns to discuss recent diesel shortages and go into depth on the importance of diesel and the complexity of getting it and other products from a barrel of crude oil.

He and Nate also talk about the nuances of the global oil market as it shifts from the effects of the Russian/Ukraine war. Is the USA really a net exporter of petroleum and energy independent? And would making every car and truck on the road electric powered free us from needing crude oil?

About Arthur Berman

Arthur E. Berman is a petroleum geologist with 36 years of oil and gas industry experience. He is an expert on U.S. shale plays and is currently consulting for several E&P companies and capital groups in the energy sector.

Listen to the podcast here.

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