Introducing a New Paradigm for Social Change – Webinar with Andrew Gaines

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Date of Publication: August 31

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: CACOR

Author(s): Andrew Gaines

This webinar, hosted by the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome on Aug 31, 2022, will induce ways of thinking that have the potential to make the environmental-progressive movement orders of magnitude more influential. 

There are four core ideas:

  • Improving brain functioning.
  • Improving emotional functioning.
  • Aligning to an overarching positive goal.
  • Communication to affect mainstream thinking.

Our speaker will introduce ways to act on each of these.


Andrew Gaines is the instigator of Inspiring Transition, a platform championing transitioning to a life-affirming culture, rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction.  He is a Fellow of the UK Royal Society for the Arts.  He is an experienced Feldenkrais practitioner, psychotherapist, and creativity trainer.  In addition, he integrates insights from The Natural Step, DesignShops, and marketing.  His books include Kitchen Table Conversations, Creativity Games, and Inner Work.  His seminal article is Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change.

His academic background is in philosophy and engineering.  Andrew lives in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, AU.   He is committed to the well-being of coming generations.

About Andrew | Andrew Gaines

Watch the webinar recording here (or download the presentation slides from the link above):



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