Is hydrogen really a clean enough fuel to tackle the climate crisis?

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Hydrogen will not be the new oil of the XXI century

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Date of Publication: March 7

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: London, UK

Publisher: The Guardian

Author(s): Nina Lakhani

Backers say hydrogen projects should be first in line for almost $26bn in US taxpayer money – but should we believe the hype?

Hydrogen is the smallest, lightest and most abundant molecule in the universe. On Earth, it does not occur by itself naturally, but can be separated from water (H2O) or hydrocarbon compounds (fossil fuels) like gas, coal and petroleum to be used as an energy source. It’s already used for rocket fuel, but it is now being pushed as a clean and safe alternative to oil and gas for heating and earthly modes of transport. Political support is mounting with almost $26bn of US taxpayer money available for hydrogen projects thanks to three recent laws – the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the Chips Act. Hydrogen is politically hot, but is it the climate solution that its cheerleaders are claiming?

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