It’s time to revisit the Cairo Consensus

| August 28, 2021 | Leave a Comment

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Publication Info: ISSN 2398-5496

Date of Publication: August 16

Year of Publication: 2021

Publication City: London, UK

Author(s): Christopher Tucker

Journal: The Journal of Population and Sustainability

Volume: Vol 5, No 2

Pages: 63-73

Just over a quarter-century ago, the so-called ‘Cairo Consensus’
was forged, fundamentally improving how governments worldwide, international organizations, and the NGO community approached women’s reproductive health and reproductive rights on the world stage.

Yet, the deafening silence this consensus offered on issues of runaway population growth has had massive repercussions on the world we live in today, with the ever-increasing human footprint fuelling climate change and ecological destruction on a scale that was entirely predicted.

Given what we know now about how empowering, just and ethical strategies focused on women and girls can effectively bend the global population curve, it is time that we revisit the Cairo Consensus.

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