Lee Raymond, Former Exxon CEO, Exacerbated the Climate Crisis. We Have the Right to Take His Wealth.

| February 3, 2023 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: November 13

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Fair Start Movement

Author(s): Carter Dillard

Lee Raymond may have done more to exacerbate the climate crisis than any other one person on the planet. His active burying of the truth of the emerging crisis and how Exxon was responsible stands out among those who have done the greatest harm to our environment.

And yet he and his family – like his son John T. Raymond – are still holding the millions they made through oil and gas, the industry that fundamentally drove the crisis. What they contributed to is literally killing people, exacerbating the deadly droughts in places like the Amboseli.

What should we do? Our government, and many unscrupulous environmental organizations that helped worsen the climate crisis by choosing not to act, will not tell you the truth. Most politicians and nonprofits are exploiting increased consumption that undoes much of the progress they claim, growth that enriched people like the Raymonds. They will accept a status quo where we do not restore the climate or ensure children equality of opportunity, because they protect concentrations of wealth and power, not people.

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