The Madness Of Humanity Part 2: Planetary Predation

| July 20, 2016 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: July 20, 2016

Year of Publication: 2016

Publisher: NPR: National Public Radio

Author(s): Marcelo Gleiser

In the second in a series of essays concerning our collective future, Marcelo Gleiser reflects on Earth as a finite planet:

From a cosmic perspective, this small planet means almost nothing, just another world among trillions of others. But to us, this is what we’ve got. This is where we live, and where we will be living for many, many generations to come.

…education about population growth (often related to abject poverty), about what we eat and where it comes from, about the obvious need to preserve the environment and our planet for the mutual benefit of humans and other living creatures, should bypass any politically-charged debate.

You can read the full article here.

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