Nyombi Morris – Living Through Crisis

| September 28, 2022 | Leave a Comment

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Author(s): Max Winpenny

Growing up in Eastern Uganda, Nyombi Morris’ life has been dictated by climate disaster. At the age of 9, awful flooding hit Nyombi’s town, and his family was forced to move to Kampala, the capitol of Uganda. ¬†From there, he’s gone on a serious journey and overcome a number of obstacles to get to where he is, including going back to school after years out, getting onto the job ladder by managing footballers’ social media, and now living the challenges of being a young, Ugandan man trying to speak up. More people are talking about how the effects of climate change are felt unevenly around the world. Nyombi has experienced these effects firsthand and has used that experience as motivation to try and stop what happened to him, happening to others. It is obvious to say that his story is inspiring, but what feels most important about Nyombi’s message is that he has the real-life experience of being part of the climate crisis, and those voices need to be represented.

A pre-warning that Nyombi was in a shared space while recording in Kampala. So, at times, his audio is unclear. But it doesn’t take away from his fascinating story into working on climate issues.

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