Our population is heading towards 10 billion and Chris Packham thinks we might need a one-child policy to save the world

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Date of Publication: January 14, 2020

Author(s): Sophie Morris

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We are putting a strain on the planet, but is the BBC presenter of ‘7.7 Billion People and Counting’ right to suggest we have fewer kids?

It is the ethical dilemma that dare not speak its name, or even whisper it. But Chris Packham, admittedly not known for piping down, has decided enough is enough. The stakes, the survival of our species and of our planet, are too high.

The big issue? Population control. And Packham’s mission, with a one-off BBC programme broadcast next week, is to make having children as uncool as eating meat or drinking from a disposable cup. If you do have to reproduce, please stick to one.

The naturalist and broadcaster knows it will cause a stir. That’s his intention. “I’m not here to make friends,” he told reporters after a preview screening of 7.7 Billion People and Counting last month. “I’m here to make a difference… My duty is to pull people’s heads out of the sand.”

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