Platforms for the polycrisis – Big Give campaign (Match Funded)

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Publisher: Impact Trust

Impact Trust – Strategic Hope for Collective Resilience

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This integrated program provides youth and community changemakers with access to platforms that enable their learning, amplify their voice, build their social capital & networks, and increase the financial support that empowers local agency and enables community action to address the polycrisis.


Many communities and youth around the world are taking action to build resilience in their communities. Most, especially in the Global South, lack access to the means through which to voice their concerns, showcase their impact, access practical skills for employability or ‘ecopreneurship’, or receive support to navigate effectively. Actively investing in developing capacities and platforms for learning and engagement recognizes the untapped potential of collective resilience they have to share.


Our approach seeks to integrate the components essential to building strategic hope and collective resilience in communities. It combines learning platforms in green/blue economies and climate activism, offering training, eco-career pathways, and eco-business support. It includes the Resilience Practitioner Series for dialogue on local solutions and polycrisis philanthropy for community funding. This strategy empowers local agency and enables impactful, practical action.

“There are so many youth like me who don’t have the platform, but do so many incredible things for their community, have changed the lives of their communities for the better. These networks helped me get inspired to start more work. I think putting more of these stories in a room is very important.” – Youth Earth Activist

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