Stunning New Insights About Biophilia and Animal Protection

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Date of Publication: September 1

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: New York, NY

Publisher: Sussex Publishers LLC

Author(s): Marc Bekoff

Journal: Psychology Today

A book, “Random Homeostasis,” examines a “discourse on the nature of nature.”



  • Authors Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison answer questions about their book: “Random Homeostasis.”
  • A young beaver could all but save the cleverest fool among us from a great flood.
  • The psychology of boundaries and sovereignty, including personal space, is undergoing a critical revolution.

Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison are ecologists focused on the behavior and cognitive and emotional lives of diverse nonhuman species. In their latest book, Random Homeostasis – On the Nature of Contingent Reality, they discuss “landmark theories of ecological imagination, survival ethics, and an altogether original discourse on the nature of Nature.”

They highlight for example:

  1. Because so much of natural selection has today been undermined by human selection, the status of an individual’s ethical convictions has never been so precarious and important.
  2. The psychology of boundaries, territory, and sovereignty, including personal space, is undergoing a critical revolution that can’t happen fast enough, for it concerns the future of all interspecies relations.
  3. What for thousands of years we thought was the balance of nature, equilibrium in math and physics, and homeostasis in physiology, in fact, maybe thoroughly random, and undetermined, shedding important new interest in the debate pertaining to individual free will and human interactivity with other species.

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