Sustainability Is a Distorted Luxury

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Date of Publication: May 26

Year of Publication: 2019

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Author(s): Victoria Halina

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We can’t meet the needs of our future if we don’t change how we think about sustainability.

A woman named Lidia lives in El Alto, Bolivia. She earns 3,000 Bolivianos per month (approx. 430 USD) as a domestic worker. She cooks using affordable, local farm produce, the only food available to her in her community, and walks to work everyday.

Joe lives in San Francisco, Northern California. He earns 98,550 USD per year as a customer success manager in a local tech firm. He drives a Tesla, chooses to buy “all-natural” and “sustainably produced” produce, and refreshes his wardrobe a few times a year with new items of clothing from fast fashion brands promoting sustainable fabric.

Who do you think is more sustainable?

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