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Date of Publication: July 2023

Year of Publication: 2023

Publisher: Heliocene

For fast, definitive information about the field of degrowth and its global community, Heliocene recommends the Degrowth Database. Here’s why…

Degrowth is trending. Just a few years ago, literature on degrowth comprised only a handful of scholarly papers, while articles about it in the mainstream press were as rare as hens’ teeth. That changed thanks to accessible books such as Less is More (2020) and Post Growth: Life After Capitalism (2021) which ignited people’s imaginations about a new economic future. Now, there are more than one thousand papers on degrowth policy proposals alone and it seems like there are articles about degrowth in the press every week, including in The New Yorker, the Financial Times, and The Economist, not all of which are well-informed or objective.

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