The Secret War on Natural Rights—and Children | Opinion

| January 17, 2023 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: January 6

Year of Publication: 2023

Publisher: Newsweek

Author(s): Carter Dillard

Climate activists around the world have spent years urging the courts to force governments and companies to do more to mitigate the climate crisis, often invoking fundamental human rights as a way to override the political processes that are failing to act. Many of those cases center on the idea that there is a constitutional right to a healthy environment, which courts should be protecting. Often the heart of this approach – embodied in litigation brought by groups like Our Children’s Trust (OCT) – is defined by what would be good for humans, an anthropocentric approach, rather than what would be good for the vast and disparate number of more fragile nonhuman species with whom we share the world.

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