To Advance Humanity and Save Nature We Need a Common Agenda

| June 20, 2023 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: May 30

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: Gothenburg, Sweden

Publisher: The Overpopulation Project/University of Gothenburg

Author(s): Joseph Speidel , Jane O’Sullivan

Problems caused by rapid population growth, environmental degradation and climate disruption are harming human welfare and the natural world. These problems are largely addressed separately, with little common understanding or integration of efforts. Our recent paper, Advancing the Welfare of People and the Planet with a Common Agenda for Reproductive Justice, Population, and the Environment, argues for an integrated approach, to take advantage of synergies in policy solutions and strength in numbers to generate sufficient political will to enact them.

Increasing consumption by a growing and increasingly affluent international middle class and rapid growth of population numbers worldwide have resulted in unsustainable human demands being placed on essential natural resources. The result is damage to croplands, fresh water supplies, fisheries, forests, climate change, and perpetuation of poverty.

A common agenda should address the challenge of accommodating billions of additional people in the coming decades while virtually eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, reversing environmental degradation, and supporting improved living standards for billions of impoverished people.

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