Trust in Elections

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Year of Publication: 2024

Publication City: Boulder, Co

Publisher: Living Room Conversations

The problem: we know the results of the 2024 election are going to be questioned

72% of Democrats, 42% of Independents, & 22% of Republicans agree that if Trump wins in 2024 democracy is broken 

64% of Republicans, 37% of Independents, and 18% of Democrats agree that if Biden wins in 2024 democracy is broken

– Public Religion Research Institute, 2023

The opportunity: we can build trust in our elections and each other

  • Americans want election processes that are fair, robust, and transparent.
  • Elections happen in local communities that can actively take responsibility for conducting trustworthy elections.
  • Local communities are also a great place to build interpersonal trust as people talk to each other and work together.
  • We can build trust nationally by connecting those local communities (people are already accustomed to using video platforms to connect). We can also use high profile conversations to inspire a national narrative and model connection across differences.

The outcome:

  • Local communities acquire skills and confidence in each other and their election practices ahead of November and walk away with increased trust for tackling other critical issues.
  • We counter the narrative of division that conflict entrepreneurs are spreading, leaving them a fraction of the capacity to incite violence both before and after the election.

Read the full article and download the Trust in Election PDF guides here.  Get involved!

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