Webinar recording – Q&A with Dr. Madeline Weld: Is Natural Population Decline a Concern?

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Date of Publication: July 26

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Publisher: Canadian Association for the Club of Rome

A presentation and conversation hosted by the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome

Madeline Weld examines natural population decline in the context of collisions with neoliberal economic systems that prioritize perpetual growth. Additionally, the implications of an aging population are explored.

Madeline Weld is president of the Population Institute Canada, which informs the Canadian public and policymakers about population matters. PIC advocates for the stabilization of Canada’s population and support for international family planning.

PIC’s patrons include Sir D Attenborough, Dr. J Goodall, Drs P & A Ehrlich, Dr. D Suzuki, R Bateman, and Dr. W Rees.

Madeline has written much on population, including The ‘Silent Lie’ in the Coverage of Madagascar’s Famine,  The Myth of Canada’s Underpopulation: Lay It to Rest, and Deconstructing the Dangerous Dogma of Denial.  She has a BSc (University of Guelph, zoology), MS (LSU, physiology), and a Ph.D. (LSU, physiology), worked at the University of Ottawa (1984-01) and Health Canada (2001-15), and was a director of Planned Parenthood Ottawa (1995-99) and of the Humanist Association of Canada (1999-03). She was co-editor of Humanist Perspectives (2012-22), and a founding director of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (2017- ).

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