Why Understanding Limits Is the Key to Humanity’s Future

| February 24, 2023 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: January 19

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: Corvallis, OR

Publisher: Post Carbon Institute

Author(s): Richard Heinberg

Recent news articles about a breakthrough in nuclear fusion research heralded the potential for “limitless” energy. Whenever I read that word limitless I wince, because I’ve learned to view it as a subtle instruction to readers to “please stop thinking now.” After decades of false promises to deliver limitless energy, we need to start thinking instead, and search for limits both obvious and hidden. Doing so usually leads to a better understanding of how things really work.

Fortunately, several other writers have successfully refuted “limitless energy” claims regarding fusion, so it’s not necessary for me to do that here. However, it may be useful to explain more generally why the promise of limitlessness is misleading and sometimes deadly—and why limits are lovable after all.

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